March 28, 2011

Ideavibes to Engage San Francisco with Crowdsourcing Contest

Ideavibes launches Engage4change at Web2.0 using their Crowd Engagement Platform to crowdsource solutions for affordable housing and transportation in San Francisco

Ottawa, ON and San Francisco, CAWeb 2.0 – Ideavibes today launched Engage4change - an idea generation and crowdsourcing contest which will run for 14 days. The destination website ( is focused on making positive change by coming up with innovative ideas and testing their support directly from the community itself. The Ideavibes Prize for the winning idea will be announced on April 12th.

"The Ideavibes Prize is an open innovation call to action akin to the X-Prize - albeit a little less lucrative," said Paul Dombowsky, Founder and CEO of Ideavibes. "We aim to use our Crowd Engagement Platform to crowdsource the best ideas from the citizens of San Francisco on affordable housing and transportation - two hot button issues in any city - and then give the winning idea the Ideavibes Prize based on votes from the crowd." The ideas in each category with the most votes will be presented on behalf of the winners to Mayor Lee of San Francisco, and also to the San Francisco State University, Institute for Civic Engagement, for further study.

Showcased at Web 2.0 - Pod #21 - Longtail Pavilion
Ideavibes will be demonstrating how its Crowd Engagement Platform, newly launched this year, was used by Sustainability Systems in Calgary to crowdsource content for the Pathways2Sustainability conference, and is being used by the University of Toronto Designing Digital Media for the Internet of Things (DDIMIT) Initiative. The Platform is also the backbone for the recently launched Fundchange ( crowdfunding initiative with TELUS, the second-largest telecommunications company in Canada.

"The partnership with the University of Toronto's DDiMIT Program is an ideal opportunity to put our platform to work in front of a very discerning audience of experts. We have found their level of sophistication with this model of engagement, and their clarity in the outcomes they are looking for, has made it easy for us to see how our Platform and our organizations would fit together," says Ideavibes Founder and CEO, Paul Dombowsky.

Ideavibes is focused on four key areas for its Crowd Engagement Platform which was recently announced with the launch of the crowdfunding site, Fundchange ( with partner TELUS. The Platform will enable governments, educational/research institutions, charities, and companies to run cost effective crowdsourcing and crowdfunding campaigns that tap into the wisdom of the crowd to make change happen and build better products.

About Ideavibes
Ideavibes has developed a Crowd Engagement Platform™ that enables organizations to create crowdsourcing and crowdfunding campaigns that use the power of social media and tapping into the wisdom of crowd to strengthen relationships through engagement and participation. It's about starting innovative projects, building better products, setting new directions and being more crowd or community focused, funding worthy initiatives and sparking social change.

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